Baden-Powell & St. Peter's CE Junior School

'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.'  Colossians 3:23


Homework and Reading Records

Each child is given a homework and reading record at the beginning of the year. This has proved over time to be an invaluable aid to the child and to home/ school links.


The pupil

  • Cares for the diary
  • Ensures that homework assignments are appropriately recorded
  • Obtains signatures from parent and teacher
  • Ensures that the diary is brought from home to school and back again.



  • Check the diary and sign weekly
  • Support the child with their homework and their reading
  • Use the diary to send messages to the teacher.



  • Sign the diary weekly
  • Use the diary to communicate with parents
  • Build up a picture of a child’s reading habits.


If the homework and reading record is lost, we ask for a voluntary contribution of £3.00 to cover the cost of replacement.


The Homework and Reading Record enables a child’s weekly homework and reading to be viewed side by side. Children are required to read regularly as part of their homework - ideally with an adult - and parents and teachers review and sign the reading record pages of the homework diary on a weekly basis.